I am an architect, certified Passivhaus designer and an artist with a passion for stone and thermal dynamics.

With energy prices continuing to rise, and with changing weather patterns, these variables fuel my passion for building and designing with the Passivhaus standards. It is the most rigorous, energy efficient building standard, which greatly reduces energy consumption by the occupant. Along with my passion for thermal dynamics and natural material, my Greek heritage has inspired me to look back at what my ancestors built - some still standing today - and stay true to the concept of working with stone.

My goals with each project are simple:

1: bring dimensional stone to the present with the Passivhaus ideas, and create something that lasts. Thoughtful designs have the potential to   continue standing 100+ years after conception. Your project should be no different.
2: Working with natural elements, it is important to me to create the most energy efficient building available to reduce the owners cost and   embodied carbon.
3: With the right mix of planning, innovation and creativity, to create spaces where one can make memories for years to come