Existing: Lot size roughly 15m x 35m deep, existing building is 4m x 25m, three storeys brick veneer and is not a building of interest to preserve.

City paramaters: Allowable density (FAR) 1 to 4, 2 to 3 floors permitted, maximum height of 12.5m. Borough document landscape area 4 with a landscape unit 8. Volume of the building must be similar to the lot, with a flat roof and no protruding balconies allowed. Materials to be used are either brick or stone. Ground floor should include large window openings.
My proposal: Mixed use residential/commercial.
The existing volume was the starting point, taking the volume and widening it to 5.5m, elongating it to 31m, and raising it to the maximum height permitted of 12m, allowed for a 3 storey building with a 4m height between floors. Mirroring the volume gave the lot a bold presences with in its context. In plain view two long strips emerged, a row house amplified. It also provides an internal circulating courtyard for the residence allowing sunlight to enter all areas of each unit. An excavation of the full site at 3m created five interior parking spots, with storage. The centre courtyard has been closed off from the main street with only a large opening for access. This provides clear distinction of the intended volumes and privacy from the busy street.

Two ground floor commercial units, 51m² (554ft²) and 127m² (1376ft²) with four 3 bedroom, 2 bath, wc, units at 127m² (1367ft²) with clear ceiling heights of 3.5m (11.5 ft).

(rendered images from Play-time.es)