The intersaction of boulv. St-Laurent and Bernard  has a lot that holds a one story commercial and smaller three story mixed use building. The site is flanked by the overhead bypass, a skate park to the north that is always bustling when the weather is nice and sits in the limits of the vibrant mille-end neighborhood.

The existing conditions close of the skate park and leaves the corner open with no function.

The proposed two building, one large and one small satellite, are placed and oriented on the site that allows for a better interaction between the skate park and th new park from the new configuration.

The larger building is a mixed use, commercial floor with four units housing 3 to 4 bedrooms each. The smaller volume is two row houses, a reference to the existing typology of the neighborhood.

The buildings are completely made of stone from the exterior envelope  to the structural stystem. All concentrated on the single core staircase. Utilizing stone as the structure ensures a very long life span of the building. It has been  designed that it can be dismantled for the blocks to be reused either in another building or for another industry. The  preliminary numbers indicate a successful case that meets the Passivhaus standards, reduced energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment for its occupants.

The energy balance has been done and the numbers speak as to what can be done using stone, not just a vener. Passivhaus 100+ years
Technical data:

Location: Montreal, Canada. Project: 2023.  Building foot print: 2199 sqm ( 23 669 sqft). Number of stories: 4. Materials: Concrete cast in place foundation, dimensional limestone envelope and structural system: Azul Atlantico , floor system: interlocking prefab stones, triple panne windows.

Collaborators: Lens-images rendered images. Hugo Paciencia, Solancis, for his constant help and deep understaing of selecting the right stone: dimensional limestone Azul Monica Silver. Maurizio Barberio, Co-founder of Barberio Colella Architetti, for guidance on the interlocking stone an structural system.